IndyCar – Helio Acquitted!

helioThe AP is reporting that Helio Castroneves, his sister and his lawyer have been acquitted on all charges. However, the jury was hung on the count of conspiracy against Helio. The US government may choose to retry him on the conspiracy charge at a later date, but it looks like for now Helio is a free man.

Open Paddock will keep you apprised of all developments to this story as it unfolds, but what we are most interested in is how quickly Helio can get to Long Beach. As we reported earlier, Roger Penske brought a conspicuously painted Verizon #12 hauler with him to California. Will the racing and dancing star end up behind the wheel this soon?

If yes, then I change my race prediction from Graham Rahal to Helio. He has a few months of pent up rage to take out on the track.

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