908 Pugeot Successor in the Works

pugeotA recent autosport article has indicated that French manufacturer Peugeot are working on a 2011 replacement to their current 24hr of Le Mans challenger. Team manager Serge Saulnier had suggested that Peugeot would remain in sportscar longer than the shelf life of the 908.

2010 will be the final year for the current LMP1 engine formula and with the state of the global economic climate, a 2010 model was quickly scratched. 2011 will introduce fresh and steady regulations that will be better for developing a race car.

This news reinforces the Audi/Peugeot battle for at least the next few years. If things continue as planned, the Audi will be entering the top end of development on the R15 as Peugeot introduce the fresh challenger.

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One Thought to “908 Pugeot Successor in the Works

  1. I wonder if the new engine specs for 2011 will be aligned with the new engine specs for ICS. It would be a tremendous cost savings for engine manufacturers to be able to market the same basic engine with small alterations to multiple racing series.

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