Dennis Quits Formula 1

ron-dennis-monacRon Dennis has just announced he will be quiting all Formula 1 operations effective immediately. In a press conference outside Woking, the long time McLaren supremo stated he “had no problem with Martin taking over the team.” This press conference came as a result of mounting pressure in regards to the current scandal McLaren find themselves in. This is the second scandal of this size in the last two years which have shaken the foundations of the silver team.

Some believe this move also came at the request of Anthony Hamilton. It was known the two did not get along much, and with rumors of late indicating that Lewis wanted to leave McLaren, a move like this could have been made to secure Lewis and his excess baggage father. I am not sure exactly where I am on that issue. I do believe that somebody had to do something and many people were upset with Dave Ryan being the fall boy, so Ron decided to man up and take the hit. This may have also come under pressure from Mercedes as well. The recent events have made some on the Mercedes very sour towards the Vodafone squad.

Further, what will this decision due to the McLarens this weekend? Will this act as a load off? Will this continue to ride the backside of Lewis Hamilton? I don’t really have an opinion on what will happen come China. Hard telling compared to the way the start of the season has gone. We will continue to update the page as more becomes available on the subject.

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