Diffuser is Ruled Legal


After a day full of testimony and saber rattling, the diffuser row has finally come to an end. The Times Online is reporting that the double diffuser that many teams stated were illegal have been given the thumbs up by the WMSC.

While keeping the championship standings the same, we now will see who will have a new diffuser lined up for Shanghai this weekend and if those without can keep pace.

I am happy to see that the WMSC made the right decision. However, I am also still very upset that it ever even came to this. Had the FIA rule book not been written so vague in the first place, then none of these “interpretations” would really mean anything at all. Yet when you write rules that can be “interpretated” any number of different ways, you are just opening yourself up to rows just like this one.

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2 Thoughts to “Diffuser is Ruled Legal

  1. This is why proper wordsmithing is critical when building a regulation framework. Too many sporting series have this sort of trouble. Vaugely written rules always lead to conflict and controversy.

  2. It will be interesting to see the FIA’s justification. Their initial release says they will give their reasoning “in due course”.

    So much for cost cutting in F1. The teams already complained about KERS development costs. Now we get another round of diffuser development costs.

    Further, Renault indicated that they were told by the FIA that they could not develop a similar diffuser. Where does that claim get filed?

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