Prodrive to Contest More Rallies?

gronholmThis weekend marked the return of Prodrive into the realm of WRC for the first time since Subaru pulled out from the sport during this off season. With Marcus Gronholm at the wheel the team seemed poised for a podium finish only to have an accident on day 2 take them out of competition. The team has made no announcement about which rallies they will contest and it is also unknown if Marcus will be back behind the wheel. One thing that could not be overlooked was the atmosphere Gronholm brought to Portugal. In the dark days of the WRC especially, I was very happy to see Marcus compete and this rally as I have previously said was one of the best in a long time with the field of competitors.

While little information is available on the future of the team and driver at the moment, one thing that is for sure is the positive impact this would have on the WRC in the near future.

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