F1 – Vettel to Talk with Stewards Again

vettel-ausSebastian Vettel has been summoned before the stewards at Malaysia. Christian Horner stated the following to Autosport:

“Steward advisor Alan Donnelly has asked to have a chat with Sebastian to go through the rationale behind their penalty. I thought the penalty was harsh; we thought it was very much a racing incident – Sebastian was defending his line and the eventual decision depended on what was specifically discussed during the stewards’ hearing. I think Alan wanted to speak to Sebastian about that, to discuss the long and short of it.”

Open Paddock thinks the stewards have once again had more time to actually review what happened at the race, all the footage, the telemetry, you know…. all the stuff they should have looked at before laying the pine to young Vettel’s backside with the 10 grid spot penalty for Malaysia. Now they may want to retroactively reverse their decision at Australia and remove the grid penalty. Or hey, who knows, they may want to exclude him from the Australian race results.

We will keep you updated on this situation as it unfolds.

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