Just When You Thought it Was Safe

david_coulthard_682_453780a2Just when you thought it was safe to venture back onto the race track, Red Bull has announced David Coulthard is in special reserve in case one of the Red Bull drivers are unable to race in the early stages of the 09 campaign.

Granted we have no reason to believe that young Vettel has much to worry about unless the RBR’s suspension fails completely as it did last year for the first few races. This reserve is probably more in tune with Mark Webber who suffered a nasty bike/car accident in the offseason. While the Australian will more than likely not pass up an opportunity to race in front of the home crowd, if the injuries are reaggravated, then we will more than likely see DC in the car (god help us).

As a RBR driver, what would I think if this news was put out? Is the car safe? Am i in some physical danger more so then usual? We all remember the catastrophic chassis failures last year in Oz and then in round 2 of Malaysia. It is a Adrian Newey car and we know what kind of radical designs he has put forth before. Most noteworthy is the stillborn McLaren that never took a lap because of its unstable design.

In the end it is probably nothing at all, but I would be a little concerned if I was at RBR. Hell, I would be concerned if I was any car on the grid. The prospect of DC returning to the grid would send shivers down my spine all the way to the diffuser of my car. That is if I have one.

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