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2 Thoughts to “Loeb in Command After Day 1 in Cyprus

  1. mike

    Hirvonen has already expressed concern that Loeb is out to such a quick start. Loeb is clear of him by a full minute. While it was Miko’s goal to allow Loeb to start day 2 first, he also wanted to stay really close to him in time. With Sordo now between them, Miko will definitely get the clear road he wanted, but now he has to chase both of them down…. on gravel.

    Miko better hope Loeb wrecks. Maybe just like Henning did on the public roads before the start today. It sounds like they are trying to get the car back together so he can run tomorrow, but I can’t wait until more details come out about this accident.

  2. I had serious doubt about Miko and the gang when they said they were going to hang back. This is the exact problem that I had envisioned. This guy is gone and now you have to hope the gravel is just aweful or he is going to just walk away from you. So much for 6 days of testing leading up to Cyprus. Once again Malcom Wilson has messed up on an epic level.

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