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4 Thoughts to “Coming Soon…

  1. WFP

    This is sweet!!!!!

  2. Bob Wall

    Hey I hope you guys cover the remaining series of Rally America. As a former driver in the series it would be nice to see some additional thoughts from people other than the die hard rally fans that are on the dedicated websites.


  3. Bob,

    We will definatley be covering the Rally America series. Are you kidding, I went to the 100 acre and had the time of my life. That series is great action on track and off with all that it offers the fans for 0 dollars. I will keep going to 100 acre and we are thinking of covering the event live from the track on a couple other rallies once i rebuild my bankroll. Bye the way, my Rally America windshield header will be here in 2 days!!!

  4. mike


    It is our intent to cover a cross section of motorsports as we bring this page fully live. Rally Dude and I are going to be posting on rally (shocker), indy, sportscar, f1 and anything else that strikes our fancy. We are still kicking the tires and tweaking, so keep us in your rss reader and you should see our posts continue to go up. As we feel the site out, we will probably be splitting the feed out so that you could just follow our rally posts if you want.

    As a former competitor, we would love to have your input here on the main page and in the forums….. The cupboard is still a little bare around here, but as we ramp up and get the site publicized, we are anticipating a crowd.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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