IndyCar – The MidOhio IndyCar and MRTI Weekend in Photos

Wow. That took a while! I bought some larger cards and felt like I needed to fill them all. Ugh. I finally sorted through and edited all the open-wheel photos and have them posted below. I also have a ton of sports car photos that I’ve sorted, but haven’t finished editing. I’ll have those later along with recaps of the Mazda Road to Indy races and championships and of the Pirelli World Challenge races. You’ve heard Mr. Whitesell and I mention this on the podcast, and I’ll say it here again: The SCCA Pro Pirelli World Challenge is THE BEST sports car racing in North America bar none! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself! All of their races are archived on YouTube including the MidOhio races, Pretty damn cool, eh? We think so, too, and we think a number of other series could learn from this example. …looking at you, IndyCar and Formula 1. Looking at you.

IndyCar Photos from MidOhio

Mazda Road to Indy Photos from MidOhio

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