SCCA – RallyCross Event 2: The Dust Up in Paola


On a pretty crowded weekend for the SCCA’s Midwest Division, the second rallycross event of the year for the Kansas City Region still had a good turnout with representation from many of the neighboring regions. The weather early in the morning was brilliant, and we were optimistic for a gorgeous and comfortable day. Those hopes were dashed, however, as the Sun continued to climb. Temperatures soon reached the 90’s while the humidity between 50 and 60%, and the wind struggled to be much more than a slight stirring. It was…

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SCCA – RallyCross Season Is Here!


Ever since the first Kansas City Region SCCA rallycross event last October, I’ve been anxiously awaiting our second. Yesterday, registration was opened for the first of four rallycross events the region has planned for 2013. The event will be at the same location as last year’s event, at a member’s property south of Garnett, Kansas. The field has some elevation change which makes for a challenging course as for half of the circuit you’re trying desperately to find grip as you climb uphill, and then you’re desperately trying to keep…

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