Spike Day: Free Simona!


Apologies for the quiet week, our semester started Monday. As always the school was totally disorganized, and the bookstore was inept as usual causing me to have many things to deal with. I give a quick summary of fantasy picks at the bottom of the column. There is some more pressing news to discuss first. Don’t let that Simona back in, she is keeping Americans from having a job… Is this the logical fallacy the United States government has with Simona de Silvestro? She is not alone either, this problem…

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IndyCar – Exclusive Photos From Today’s HVM Racing Announcement

Our IZOD IndyCar Series beat reporter and op-ed columnist, Spike Rogan, was on the scene today for the much anticipates sponsorship announcement by HVM Racing and Simona De Silvestro. You can read his article on the event here: Big news from HVM and Entergy for 2011. In addition to being one of the few to be present for the event, he also was able to grab some fantastic exclusive photos of the announcement and of the car demonstration on the streets of Baltimore. Enjoy!

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Big news from HVM and Entergy for 2011

In what was a chilly January morning, HVM Racing announced their primary sponsor for the 2011 season in the IZOD INDYCAR Series. The livery for Simona De Silvestro will be green and white with “Nuclear Clean Air Energy” backing. The program in its fourth year; is from Entergy, a national educational campaign, this will be their first full year with HVM Racing, and in the IZOD INDYCAR Series. January 24th also is the start to “National Nuclear Science Week”, and thus was the reason for today’s announcement at the InterContinental…

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