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Episode 295 UMMM-Cast –

Podcast: Play in new window | Download This is likely the last UMMM Cast until after Indy. Tom and I share morning beverages (for once!) as we discuss the great Red Bull driver swap going into the the Spanish Grand Prix. The Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis was a great race, but it’s overshadowed by our excitement about the

Episode 294 UMMM-Cast –

Podcast: Play in new window | Download The “better late than never” UMMM-Cast! It’s May and we’re all agog about our collective trip to Indianapolis! That’s not going to stop John, Tom and Mike from probing the end of Formula 1’s Asian swing and Vettel/Kvyat feud, IndyCar in both Long Beach and Barber (guess which one was exciting…) and Tom’s

Episode 293 UMMM-Cast –

Podcast: Play in new window | Download John, Doug and Tom wander the deserts of the world seeking exciting open-wheel racing. Was there any to be found in the oil-rich sands of Bahrain where the sheiks and the Eccelstones play? Perhaps thrills were afoot amidst the rocky crags around Phoenix International Raceway where IndyCar returned after over a decade! Come

F1 – It’s Come To This

I’m not one to rant on Twitter. But it needed to be said.   Come on @F1. The joke is over. You know the new qualifying format sucks. Put the idea out of its misery. Sincerely, F1 Fans. #F1 #BahrainGP — John The Race Fan (@JohnTheRaceFan) April 2, 2016 /micdrop OK, maybe not. But I’m one of many who has

F1 – Bubble Wrap in Albert Park

I didn’t stay up to watch qualifying fo the opening round of the Australian Grand Prix.  My regular sleep schedule has me up around five in the morning, so a start time of 1:00 isn’t in the cards.  I did randomly wake up at 12:30, but any idea of attempting to stay awake was beaten into submission by the sandman.

F1 – FiA Gets One Right

A lot is being made of the FiA’s recent decision to allow Formula One teams choice among three available compounds of Pirelli tires.  It’s a huge change, no matter how you slice it, but on that I like.  OK, I don’t advocate slicing tires, but I do advocate options that result in differing team strategies and, ideally, better racing on

F1 – Williams Uber-Cool Pit Stop

It’s an advertisement for Hackett, a high-end clothier in Britain. That explains the sharp suits on the crew. Personally, I’d like to see the Williams crew’s firesuits tailored to look like these suits.  It would be nothing short of bad-ass. The dry-cleaning bill could get pricey, though.

OpEd – Expressing Your Fandom

A fan of any sport at some point crosses a threshold from casual enjoyment into loyalty and support, sometimes to an unhealthy extreme. Fans show off pride in their favorite team or athlete in different ways, from t-shirts to stickers to flags and memorabilia. Sports merchandising is big business, as we all know. If you’ve been to any major racing

F1 – Suzuka: The race didn’t matter

Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix was preceded by the threat of typhoon Phanfone, which wound up being a part of the action on Sunday. Then Alonso drops his bombshell that he’ll leave Ferrari after this season. Not to be outdone, Sebastian Vettel announces that he’s leaving Infiniti Red Bull Racing. While not an official proclamation, Christian Horner let an F-bomb slip:

Formula 1 – Simona Gets Closer to the Goal

Simona De Silvestro impressed many of us when she was in the IndyCar Series. We were simultaneously thrilled and bummed when we heard she was leaving IndyCar to pursue an opportunity as a reserve driver for Sauber. She is continuing to build partners and sponsors, and recently signed with DigitasLBi. While no official deal for a full-time drive has been

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