SCCA – KCR Event # 9: The Real Event 9

The Kansas City Region SCCA had another great event at the Metropolitian Community College on August 11th. Another wonderful day of weather made for a great day all around. With 108 entries we had our largest event of the year, topping our first event of the year by 3 drivers. The event was run by chair Jeff Bartz and co-chair Rygh Galloway. Jeff’s statement about the

course was that he wanted to “mix things up from what we normally see”. Well you could say that the course was a mix up from our norm for sure. It involved a 180 degree turn around at the end of a slalom and a double sided gate just before the finish. Competition is heating up in many classes as the season reaches the home stretch. Some of that competition came out today as drivers are fighting for every point they can get to either stretch their lead or close the gap to find themselves in the trophies at the end of the year. Some of the best competition of the day came from the G-Prepared class where Andrew Martin and Bill Cutrer battled back and forth between runs. After run 1 Cutrer was ahead about 4 tenths in raw time and about 4.4 seconds total due to Martin tagging a pair of cones on course. Martin returned the favor one run 2 by pulling about 1.8 seconds ahead of Cutrer. Run 3 was another flip flop, Cutrer jumped ahead by about 3 tenths. However on run 4 Cutrer could not better his time and he left the door open for Martin.  Martin put together a great run and pulled ahead by 4 hundredths of a second to take the win in G-Prepared.

STX was another class that had even closer competition. The competition was between Doug Hitchcock and Chuck Wilson. Both Hitchcock and Wilson were dirty on their first 2 runs. Each had raw times of 64.0, but would they be able to run those times while clean? Both Hitchcock and Wilson managed to be clean on run 3, however they had to sacrifice time in order to get a clean run. Hitchcock managed the better time with a run of 64.322. On run 4 Hitchcock dropped his raw time to a 63.4, but hit 2 cones to add 4 seconds to his time. Wilson managed to drop 6 tenths off his time on run 4 for a time of 64.320. Just enough to edge Hitchcock out for the win by .002 seconds.

The Pro class was also a very close race. In the end Craig Wilcox managed to hold off Mark Hill to win the Pro class by .033 seconds.

Event 9 PAX was also won by Craig Wilcox with a PAX time of 50.881 in his 2008 Audi TT. Second place goes to Mark Hill in his 2006 Mitsubishi Evo with a time of  50.914. Third place PAX goes to Jeremy Salenius in his 2008 Mini Cooper S with a time of 51.258.

Kansas City Region SCCA
Pax Time Results
#9 – Event 9 – Sun 08-11-2013
Timed Entries: 108


Pax Pos. Pos. Class # Driver Car Model Total Factor Pax Time Diff. From 1st
1 1 prods 1 Wilcox, Craig 2008 Audi TT 61.600 *0.826 50.881 0.000 0.000
2 2 prostu 45 Hill, Mark 2006 Mitsubishi E-voh IX 60.183 *0.846 50.914 0.033 0.033
3 1 rtfrtds 99 Salenius, Jeremy 2008 Mini Cooper S 63.675 *0.805 51.258 0.344 0.377


Championship point standings are shaping up and things are about to start shuffling around at the top of the PAX championship points as we start to get to the point where we will start dropping off events and the people who have missed events n may be able to start moving up as their missed events become their dropped events. As of now top 5 PAX championship points looks like this:

Kansas City Region SCCA
Pax Championship Points – Sun Aug 11 18:57:48 2013
Total Members: 149
Event # Event Name
1 Event #1
2 2013 Event #2
3 2013 Event #3
4 Kansas City Event 4
5 Kansas City Event 5
6 Event 6
7 Event 7
8 Event 8
9 Event 9


Pos. Driver Pax Points Ex-1 Ex-2 Ex-3 Ex-4 Ex-5 Ex-6 Ex-7 Ex-8 Ex-9
1 Mark Hill 882.13 98.59 97.64 99.22 95.43 96.49 97.41 99.06 98.35 99.94
2 Jeremy Salenius 874.64 97.03 96.34 97.89 96.16 98.09 94.96 97.54 97.37 99.26
3 Christian Els 868.96 96.10 96.91 97.38 94.96 96.96 95.39 96.78 96.55 97.93
4 Jeff Bartz 864.71 97.35 96.86 95.10 94.06 93.73 94.60 96.85 97.85 98.31
5 James King 852.87 95.25 95.62 94.18 94.26 93.39 93.49 95.57 94.94 96.17


Class points are rounding out and many classes are starting to see a clear leader.

Link to championship points by class:


Photos from Solo Event #9