SCCA – KCR Event #8: Dia de la Newbie


Kansas City Region SCCA finished out July with a bang! We were back at the Metropolitian Community College for event #8 of the season. Weatherman said we could expect a high of 70 around noon and an increasing chance of rain as the day went on. However we hit 70 by 9:30 am and there looked to be zero percent chance of rain all day. Glad I brought some shorts to change into when it got hot! Event #8 was our second largest event of the year with 103 drivers competing, many trying to squeeze in every last run they can get in before the National Championships which are coming up at the end of August.

To say today’s course was eventful would be an understatement! Today’s course is what happens when you give a science professor, number cruncher and all around interesting guy with a well rounded imagination the chance to design a course. Using some of the sections of the course that we normally wouldn’t see and designing a tight, yet fun course made for some great excitement.

There was plenty of competition and bench racing to be had today. Even some between Open Paddocks own Doug Patterson and Shaun Pechin. Doug and Shaun battled it out today in Doug’s SVT Focus in the STF class. Both were smack talking the other before the race I hear and I believe I heard Doug say the only thing he wanted to do today was beat Pechin. I believe Pechin had him worried for the first 2 runs because Doug was hitting cones and Pechin was running a little slower raw time, but keeping it clean. They were just about neck and neck until the third run when Doug threw down the hammer and managed a 49.442, Pechin followed up Doug’s run with a 50.549. Doug ran slower of his final run leaving the door open for Pechin to beat him. Pechin laid down a 50.087, but tagged 3 cones in the process falling short of Doug. Doug took P1 in STF for the day and Pechin came in P3 behind Adam Shames.

There were many first time drivers at the event today, all of which left smiling and eager for the chance to get back out on course. I was able to ride with two of those drivers and give them a little advice. Both are sure to improve upon there already good results from their first event.  And from talking to both of them for a little while they hope to make as many of the final events of the year as possible. Great to see new people out and growth of our sport starts with keeping the new guys and gals coming back! I know my co-driver who is on her 5th event now hooked and improving fast.

Speaking of new drivers I want to talk about my Formula Junior Kart buddy, little Alexander Hesskamp. Don’t let his size fool you folks, this little guy is all business when the helmet goes on. He is smart as can be and learning fast. Today for the first time he broke into the top half of PAX.

No need to adjust your prescription, you read that correctly, Zander was in the top half of PAX, finishing 43/103. This little guy gets my vote for rookie of the year all day long. There has been so much improvement out of him this year it’s crazy! Watch out big cars, there is a little red Mike Wilson Yamaha piloted by Alexander Hesskamp coming for you.

Today’s PAX results turned into a hat trick for Mr. Jared Langenfeld in his 2008  Mike Wilson Honda kart who posted top PAX time of the day for the third event in a row! With a blistering 37.038 he managed to hold off Ron Williams who had a PAX time of 37.290 in his 2000 Toyota Celica. P3 in PAX was overall PAX points leader Mark Hill with a time of  37.661 in his 2006 Mitsubishi E-voh IX.


Kansas City Region SCCA
Pax Time Results
#8 – Event 8 – Sun 07-28-2013
Timed Entries: 103


Pax Pos. Pos. Class # Driver Car Model Total Factor Pax Time Diff. From 1st
1 1 prokm 187 Langenfeld, Jared 2008 Mike Wilson Honda 38.784 *0.955 37.038 0.000 0.000
2 1 rtfrtgs 97 Williams, Ron 2000 Toyota Celica 46.847 *0.796 37.290 0.252 0.252
3 2 prostu 45 Hill, Mark 2006 Mitsubishi E-voh IX 44.517 *0.846 37.661 0.371 0.623
4 3 procs 66 Giebel, Rodney 2007 Mazda MX-5 MS-R 45.235 *0.834 37.726 0.065 0.688
5 1 km 55 Hesskamp, Todd 2008 Intrepid Kart Explorer 39.618 *0.955 37.835 0.109 0.797
6 1 rtrrtgs 82 Bartz, Jeff 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 47.553 *0.796 37.852 0.017 0.814
7 4 prostf 30 Fink, David 2004 Mazda 3 47.655 *0.795 37.885 0.033 0.847
8 2 rtfrtgs 27 Van Benschoten, Dick 2005 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 47.774 *0.796 38.028 0.143 0.990
9 3 rtfrtds 99 Salenius, Jeremy 2008 Mini Cooper S 47.254 *0.805 38.039 0.011 1.001
10 1 es 9 Wheeler, Dan 1991 Toyota MR2 46.210 *0.828 38.261 0.222 1.223


Not much has changed in the championship standings after this event so look for a championship update in the next article.

Photos from Solo Event #8