SCCA – Midwest Divisional Event #1

On April 27th and 28th the Kansas City Region SCCA was host to the first Midwest Divisional (MiDiv) Event of the year. If you are unsure of what a divisional event is I will try to clarify. A divisional event is like 2 different 2 day events combined into one weekend. On day 1 competitors get a certain amount of runs on course and their runs are timed just like a normal 1 day regional event. The

person with the fastest time is leading after day 1. Notice I said leading, not that he or she won day one. Because on day 2 the course is different, usually it will be the day 1 course run in the opposite direction with a couple element changes. On day 2 runs are timed just like a normal 1 day event. However, to decide who won the who event your best time from each day is added together to get your total time. So an event cannot be won on day 1, however you can make it very difficult for yourself to win on day 2 if you have a bad day 1.

An example of how the times work would be as follows. On day 1 driver #20 had a best time of 45.000 and driver #24 had a best time of 47.700. So driver #20 would be leading by .700 after day 1. On day 2 driver #20 had a best time on the changed course of 38.600 and driver #24 had a best time of 38.300. So driver #24 had a better day 2, but because he was was losing by .700 the first day driver #20 would win the event by .400 seconds.

Weather was interesting and played a large factor on Day 1 of the event. Rainy conditions led to many cars sliding off course at speed and spinning through the grass. There were some people who fared better in the rain then others did. My front wheel driver Mini Cooper S did very well in the rain and I found I could drive the course the same as I would a normal course. However a few of my rear wheel drive friends did not have the same luck and ended up facing the opposite direction on course trying to drive their cars as they normally would. Even with the wet and soggy conditions there were many great times had. It also made for some great pictures as our resident photographer, Doug Patterson, will tell you. He was hoping for a few great puddle shots. I believe there was some standing water on course, but not sure if he was in the right spots to catch the puddle action. I have seen a few of the pictures, but hope he got one of the Mini through the puddles. On day 2 the weather was much better. The morning started off chilly because overnight temps were down into the mid 40’s, but my 11 am the skies were clear and the temps were up. This made for much better course conditions and the times really reflected that. The drivers on race rubber and drivers with rear wheel drive were able to push their cars much harder.

Competition also started to heat up on day 2 as the drivers were looking to capture the first MiDiv trophies of the year. There were a few different heated battles to talk about that came down to final runs on day 2. Most notable for me was our Street Touring Extreme

(STX) class. Drivers Chuck Wilson and Doug Hitchcock were battling all weekend for the top STX spot. On day 1 Chuck Wilson was leading by .051 seconds. Yes, you did read that right, .051. On day 2 they kept exchanging the lead between the 2 as they worked through their runs. In the end Doug Hitchcock in his new E36 BMW edged out Chuck for the win by .026 seconds. No need to adjust your monitors, that time is also correct. A close finish and a class I will surely be watching in MiDiv this year.

Drivers were not only competing for event trophies, but also for year end MiDiv points which add up to see who will win year end trophies. I look forward to seeing if I am able to maintain the lead in my class and also look forward to seeing our photographer Doug Patterson out at his first MiDiv event of the year. If you are thinking of trying out a MiDiv event I can ensure you that you will not be disappointed. There is a lot of comradery and great competition to be had. There is also usually a banquet on Saturday night which competitors can gather and talk about the days racing a do a little bench racing about who will win their classes.

The first MiDiv event of the year was a great success and was very enjoyable. If you want to see what other MiDiv Solo action there is you can check out Upcoming MiDiv events include the Ozark Mountain hosted event on June 22-23, Topeka, Kansas on July 20-21 hosted by Kansas Region and August 17-18 in Lincoln, Nebraska hosted by the Nebraska Region.

For a full list of event results visit:

I look forward to seeing you out at an event.

-Jeremy Salenius


I hope you enjoy Doug Patterson’s photos from the event.