SCCA – KCR Solo School #1 and Event #2

Our second weekend of racing in the Kansas City Region has come and gone! It was another exciting weekend of racing. The weather was decent for the weekend. Pretty windy, but the temperature held steady for us.

Saturday we held the first Solo School of the year. With 30 students and a great set of instructors the day went off without a hitch. Kent Edmonson was the event chair and the course he setup allowed for a lot of runs for every student. Each student received about 15

runs. While talking with the students at the school many good times were had and many tires were thrashed. There were even a few new people at the event who were not in the school who enjoyed taking rides in the instructors cars during the instructors runs. I gave a new person his first ride and afterwards he had a huge smile on his face and was pretty silent. Once he got out of the car he told his friend that he would never forget the experience of being in the car for the first time. If you haven’t had any experience racing before or even if you have had a little experience driving and you would like to gain even more experience from some great drivers a solo school is a great place to do that. 

Sunday was Solo Event #2 and once again we had 100+ entrants. There was a lot of fierce competition between everyone in their respective classes. Our PAX results were really tight again. Less than a second separated the top 5 drivers. This events top five were 5) Jake Diehl 4) Mark Hill 3) Dan Wheeler 2) Tim Herron 1) Craig Wilcox. Our PAX championship for the year is starting off as quite good as well. Top 10 in PAX are:

1) Craig Wilcox     200 pts

2) Mark Hill                            196.23 pts

3) Nate Green                        195.88 pts

4) Rodney Giebel                  195.55 pts

5) Rygh Galloway                 194.58 pts

6) Dan Wheeler                      194.43 pts

7) Jeff Bartz                            194.21 pts

8) Greg Cheney                     193.50 pts

9) Jeremy Salenius             193.37 pts

10) Doug Hitchcock           193.26 pts

Wtih our next Kansas City Regional Event coming up on May 19th there is still some time to get prepared and ready for the event. If you haven’t been to a Solo event before coming to one of our local events and experiencing the excitement that Solo racing has to offer is a great way to get started. Whether that be to just take a ride in a competitors car or to drive in the event yourself you will never forget your first Solo experience.

If you can’t wait until May 19th there is a Midwest Divisional event coming up on the 26th and 27th of April. If you are not sure what a divisional event is it’s very similar to a regular solo event except that it is run over 2 days. The best time from your first day of

competition is scored. Then before the next days runs the course is setup into a different course. Usually it is the first days course just the opposite direction. And the best time from day 2 is scored and you add the 2 times together to get your total event time. Whoever has the best time over the 2 days wins the class. So during a divisional you can not win on day 1, but you can make it very hard for yourself to win on day 2 if your time is not great. We would love to see more people signed up for the divisional. Registration cutoff is April 24th at 11:59 pm for online registration, which is the preferred method of registering. However if you miss online registration and you make it to the event early you can do walk-up registration. I look forward to seeing some of you at the next event!

Jeremy Salenius


  • Look out Doug! You are really up on the wheel with the belt pulled tight i’m sure!

    • Yup! Got a CG lock courtesy of Mr. McKay and it’s brilliant! It has really helped keep me firmly in the seat. By the way, for those new to the sport, or coming back from a hiatus, I *HIGHLY* recommend the Solo School! The best money you can spend improving your car is that which you spend improving the driver! It’s an upgrade legal in all classes, and it moves with you from car to car. 🙂