2013 SCCA Solo Season is Just Around the Corner


As the winter months start to wear off, it’s time to start dusting off the Solo gear and get ready for the new season. The 2013 season has many exciting things in store. Including a new event format called the Match Tour, release of a new BFG street tire that is set to shake up the street tire classes, all the ProSolo and National Tour events we look forward to every year and getting back together with our racing friends.


Today I want to highlight the newest event format for Solo National Events, the Match Tour. It just happens to be the event that kicks off the 2013 National Solo season. On March 16-17th competitors will gather at the South Georgia Motorsports Park for the first Match Tour of the year. I am very happy to say that I am one of the 150+ competitors registered for the event. It will be a very long drive for me from Kansas City to south Georgia, but the venue and format look to be well worth the drive.

I was able to talk with Brian Harmer, who is the SCCA Solo Competition Manager and will be the Operations Manager for Match Tours, he was able to give me the details about how the event will be ran and how the new format will flow over the weekend. The Match Tour format will start with a 1 day tour where competitors will be given a minimum of 4 runs. Unlike a normal National Tour, the Friday welcome party will be replaced with a Saturday night party where trophies will be handed out from the first day of competition. The first day is also going to be the first part of qualifying for the Evolution Super Shootout on day 2. From the first day the top 32 Professional Autocross Index (PAX) open class drivers and the top 8 ladies PAX drivers will be qualified for the Shootout. Sunday morning starts with all the drivers not already qualified for the Shootout receiving 2 more runs on course. These runs will be called Last Chance Qualifying. Once LCQ runs are complete the top 16 in PAX from those runs will qualify for the Evolution Super Shootout. Last but not least 8 names will be randomly drawn and those 8 people will also be qualified for the shootout making a 64 competitor, 4 bracket shootout that is guaranteed to give way to some more great competition. The competitors in each of the 4 brackets will be paired up against each other until there is a final 4. Those that make the final 4 will receive prize money and the person who wins the Evolution Super Shootout will receive even more money.

Harmer says the main purpose of the match tour is to try and get more members who wouldn’t normally go to a National Solo event t2012-kcrscca_09-16-2012_056o come out and participate. Giving members a chance to participate only on Saturday if their schedule doesn’t allow them to take as much time off for an event. However, Harmer says he welcomes all the faces you would normally see at a National Solo event as well. He says the courses will be looked at differently than a traditional Championship Tour. Tricky elements will more than likely not be seen on courses because the event is based on PAX results. Harmer says he looks forward to seeing many of us at the events. For more information and a schedule of the 9 Match Tour events you can visit the SCCA Match Tour section @ http://www.scca.com/solo/content.cfm?cid=51267

I am super excited about this event and can’t wait to compete in the first one of the year. Be on the lookout for more information on things to look forward to as the SCCA solo season gets started.

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